"Used the LB2 recently in Afghanistan. Loved them. Used the IR light every night while in convoy instead of taping IR chem sticks to the antenna. Great product. I have since replaced my chem lights in my home emergency kit with several LB2's. Thanks" -- MSgt.

"The LB2 light is the perfect Tactical lighting system for most of the situations a soldier finds him or herself in, the only thing we used chemlights for in iraq this last tour was for marking our routes, everything else those of us who had the lights used them. in my opinion you have developed the perfects soldier flashlight." -- SPC

"Excellent product, too bad I had to purchase it myself." -- TSgt

"As A medic I like the ability to use blue light so I can tell if it is blood or other fluid and then switch to white light once under cover." -- SPC

"We use them on firing ranges to communicate clear or hot firing line. Turns in a convoy movement. We are going to Afghanistan shortly and could use some more of these. I have just purchased the IR light and it works great. I have a red and green light. I have had these 2 since 2005-2006 deployment to Iraq. Thanks" -- E-5

"For some reason, I am unable to submit my survey from the website at my location but I wanted to give feedback anyway.   Thank you for developing such a wonderful product. Hopefully, we can get some IR lights, Velcro straps, and bulldog clips here at our location some time soon. The versatility of this thing is near limitless! I didn’t realize how much I hated chem lights until I bought my LB2. Purchasing this is one of the greatest investments I’ve made for my “supplemental gear”. I’ve replaced three other lights I usually carry with just this one and freed up space for other gear in my ruck. I don’t have to wait for resupply if I run out of chem lights, and don’t have to deal with the hassle of larger heavier flash lights. Thank you again for making such an awesome product." -- TSgt

"Myself and my commander have only been using it for a couple of months. They are great for ground guiding our vehicles, especially the tanks at night. On Fort Stewart we are required to use roadguards when crossing hard surface roads and we utilize them for that as well. Currently I am using a green and red and my commander is using a blue and red. The green and red is also useful in letting the tank crews know, from a distance whether the roadguards are in place(green light) or not (red). We have not tried the black tube as they are not currently for sale in our PX and we purchased these out of pocket." -- 1SG

 “As a Senior Firearms Instructor (SFI) for my agency, I was looking for a light that my Firearms Instructors (FI’s) could use to visually communicated the condition of the firing line during lowlight/night fire qualifications and training.  We first started to use red and green chemlights, but they proved to be more of a hassle and cost than they were worth.  While attending  the Modern Day Marine Expo at Quantico several years ago, I was given the opportunity to test and evaluate the Lazerbrite Single Mode lights and immediately fell in love with it.  All of my FI’s are now issued two Lazerbrite “sticks”, each consisting of one red single mode light with a regular length tube, which is topped with one green single mode light with a glow dome on it.  The FI’s now have the ability to easily and quickly visually signal the range tower of the status of their portion of the firing line.  These lights are robust, long lasting, and quick/easy to use.  We also use other colored Lazerbrite lights to mark designated emergency medical vehicles on the range and have attached 3-4 green single mode lights together with a magnet base to mark the command post vehicle during several emergency operations.  Heck, every Halloween I even attach my lights to my kid while he’s out trick or treating.  These lights are a great low cost, robust and practical tool for anyone in the law enforcement and first responder professions.” -MAC   

Chem Light Alternative
"In my previous unit, we would take 10 boxes of glowsticks in every color when we deployed. This required a significant amount of space and weight and generated a rather large quantity of waste. I personally purchased 2 LB2’s in every color and was able to reduce the team’s dependence on chem. sticks by over 70%. I carried them all in my ruck, taking up less space than two t-shirts, and there was no need to go digging through the pelican cases to find the right color for the job. From JRTC at Ft. Polk, LA, to the Tsunami relief in Indonesia, to the sands of the desert, my LB2’s got the mission done with less waste, less weight, less time, and did it better than any chem. light ever could. Recently, I was assigned to control a drop zone during a training exercise. The IR lighting kit used to mark the drop zone was merely IR chemsticks that lasted only three hours. The final aircraft delayed their pass by over an hour, and consequently a couple of my chemlights had burnt out. I had my LB2 kit with me, and had two IR heads that I was able to use in place of the IR chemsticks. Having this capability in such a small package allowed the mission to be successful despite the challenges faced. This product is superior to any other electronic glowstick on the market, and their applications are virtually limitless. I know of at least 5 other individuals that have personally procured their own LB2 kit for use in their own duties after seeing mine in action. I would recommend this product to just about every military unit I have ever worked for or worked with." —Staff Sergeant

Ft. Benning Firing Range
"Last night my company was on a firing range here at Ft. Benning. After we were done with the firing, I had to make sure that all weapons were clear. There was ample amount of moon light, but not enough to clearly check the various weapons systems. The light and molle pouch you sent me were a life saver, one weapon that had been checked was actually still loaded with a live round! Shocking to say the least, I feel that I would not have found that round had it not been for your molle pouch and the light you sent. A life may have been saved last night... thanks! And if you have any more of those pouches feel free to send me some more, the other cadre members are jealous." — SSG

Best Tactical Flashlight
"After 31 years in the Marine Corps this is one of the best tactical flashlights I have ever used. Very easy to use, great feature allows you to change from red to green"

Awesome on Patrols
"have several LazerBrite units within my platoon. We use them during our patrols here in Iraq. For everything from reading our maps to assisting us with identifying possible IED locations. Just twist and throw! And now with the new updated on switch, we definitely don't worry about being spotted at the wrong time. The IR lights are small and light enough to carry 4-6 in each cargo pocket, to be used to mark each turn of our dismounted patrol. We have also used the IR lights to mark our "blind" entry control points. Overall, LazerBrite lights are awesome!" —Sergeant, First Class

Replaced Chemlights
"I have had my LazerBrite 2 since 2005, when I purchased it in Iraq. I have not had to replace my batteries and have used NO chem-lights since purchasing it! My unit now wants to start ordering the vehicle and map kits!" —Staff Sergeant

Well Worth It
"This light has many functions and can be very covert or very bright with just a simple twist. This light can be modified with any of the many accessories. Multiple colors are available. I wish I could have three more of these lights! LazerBrite has truly out done them selves with this light. Every soldier should have one of theses. Well worth the money!"

More Cost Effective than Chem Lights
"I think this light is the best thing the army could use instead of chem lights. They last a lot longer than chem lights and would be way more cost effective in the long run instead of buying and using chemlights." —Sergeant M. 

Better Prepared
"I am currently overseas supporting the war on terror and I would like to send my gratitude to you for making such a great product. My Company has a small quantity of the green and infrared tactical lighting system and my Marines like them a lot. They out last the chemlights I give them ten fold. Thank you again for allowing us to be better prepared." —Master Sergeant, USMC

Aircraft Marshalling
"I have mostly used chemlights for aircraft marshalling and towing operations at night. These operations generally take about 30 minutes to complete so using chemlights is very wastefull. Then there is the problem of tool control. Since chemlights disposable they generaly not accounted for; a chemlight could be left in or on an aircraft and nobody would know. I also feel the LB2 has an advantage over using traditional wand flashlights for aircraft marshalling. I can't count how many times I've seen a wand light die just before or during marshalling. During marshalling one flashlight is held in each hand and they are motioned together to instruct the pilot where to go. If one light is not working it can be very confusing to the pilot to say the least. Thats why I especially like the idea of having two lights in one unit. If one set of batteries dies or one led fails you still have a backup." — SSgt

Law Enforcement
"Use at Drill I have thought of buying one for awhile now and finale got one (red/green). I am so happy with it and the uses I have found at drill, I am now trying to find ways to use it at my civilian job (Police)." —Lance Corporal, USMC

Many Applications
"I absolutely love using the LazerBrite system over any normal chem lite. Its applications run from marking points on land navigation tests, to marking tie downs for tents, reading maps, anything and everything I would use a chemlight or a flashlight for. Since purchasing one at an AAFES store, every soldier in my unit, and friends in law enforcement, have given me compliments on this tool and asked how to obtain one. I do not have enough positive things to say about this tool, and I hope to see it in the hands of every soldier one day." — E-5